Mama Programming Language

Mama Programming Language 1.5

Educational program language and development environment

Mama Programming Language is a software program that has educational programming language and a development environment designed to help young students start programming by building 3D animations and games.

With Mama Programming Language students can build and edit new scenes, use a rich object gallery, create 3D objects, create movies that are a record of a program run and upload to YouTube and Facebook.

Users can create their own stand-alone Mama programs and instructors can build interactive tutorials. Mama Programming Language is a full Unicode programming language that is currently available in several languages.

This tool was designed solely to teach programming concepts and provide easy and quick development of programs. There are a small number of concepts in this language.

There is no standard library. Everything is supported by the language directly. This tool handles types separately in the drag and drop mode, rather than the scripting mode.

Mama Programming Language lets you freely manipulate objects. You can store, load, run, change object fields and behaviors. No security limits are set.

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Mama Programming Language


Mama Programming Language 1.5

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